Adrian Cunningham Adrian Cunningham, Music Director – Clarinet, Saxophone Originally from Australia, now based in New York—A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. He is a popular performer with fluent command of the saxophone, clarinet and flute. Adrian tours the world playing at jazz festivals with a long list of jazz luminaries. His group “Professor Cunningham and His Old School” is deeply rooted in traditional jazz and enjoys extreme popularity on the international circuit.
Danny Coots Danny Coots, Drums Danny began playing drums at age 6. He attended The Crane School of Music and St. Lawrence University. Has served as adjunct faculty member, at Clarkson, St. Lawrence, Postsdam State Universities. Moving to Nashville gave him the opportunity to be one of the founders of Titan Hot Seven. He has performed in more than 100 countries with the most notable head-liner jazz stars. He has played on hundreds of recordings and won Grammy in 2005.
Dennis Litchman Dennis Litchman, Clarinet, Mandolin Dennis is a multi-instrumentalist who is deeply entrenched in early to mid-1900’s American music, from traditional jazz and swing to bluegrass. Since 2007, Dennis has been the clarinetist and band leader of the famed Tuesday night jazz jam session at Mona’s in downtown New York, described as “ground zero” for an emerging late-night scene”, and he also co-leads the Brain Cloud Country Swing and Jazz Band. Dennis performs on stage throughout the US, Europe, Brazil and China.
Richard Moten Richard Moten, Bass A professional musician since age 15, transitioning into jazz in 1989, thus switching to the upright bass. He found his niche with a trio that continues to play at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in New Orleans. Richard travels to Europe and Japan for feature tours. He credits his mother, Marie Elise, a Julliard graduate and life-long concert pianist as his inspiration.
Nate Najar Nate Najar, Guitar Nate has enthralled audiences across the globe with his trademark and distinctive style of performing jazz on his beloved Ramirez guitar, formerly owned by Charlie Byrd. Nate was attracted to Byrd’s playing while taking guitar lessons in Washington DC. Several recent CD’s, Nate plays the “Byrd” guitar. Nate has recordings with many recognized musicians in the jazz world which has elevated him to the top. He has developed into an outstanding guitarist who always surrounds himself with musicians that push him to new heights. He definitely has absorbed the essence of the Brazilian sound.
Nicki Parrott Nicki Parrott, Bass, Vocal Nicki began piano and flute lessons at an early age, Following high school, bass became her favorite with studies at New South Wales Conservatorium of Music. She arrived in New York City in 1994, from Australia, met legendary guitarist Les Paul and became lead bassist in his trio. Nicki travels the world to perform and record. Also, she participates in women’s outreach programs to further their musical careers. Nicki could make anyone love jazz.
Ben Polcer Ben Polcer, Trumpet Ben says that music has always been in his head. His love of jazz likely stems from his early days of listening to various bands at Eddie Condon’s Club. His career began as a director of a sports camp plus busking on the side in Manhattan. Ben made the big move to New Orleans as a full time musician and has become one of the top young bandleaders. He co-founded Welbourne Music and Jazz Camp in Virginia, an adult experience of traditional jazz. His move to New Orleans has led a resurgence of young musicians playing jazz in venues all over the Big Easy.
Alex Raderman Alex Raderman, Drums A percussionist and drummer, studied Jazz at Berklee College of Music, and New York University College of Music. Performances at New York Jazz Clubs include The Blue Note and Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola. In 2009, he was guided to Ghana to study West African Music. 2010 took him to Latvia with gifted musicians sponsored by New York Foundation for the Arts. Alex evokes the spirit of hard-bop movements with a modern twist.
Chuck Redd Chuck Redd, Drums and Vibes The ever popular drum and vibes musician began performing with the Charlie Byrd Trio and Barney Kessel, Charlie Byrd and Herb Ellis. Chuck leads his own groups, appears at clubs, festivals, cruises and concerts around the world. He is on the faculty at the University of Maryland Music School and presents Master Classes, workshops, lectures.
Dalton Ridenhour Dalton Ridenhour, Piano Dalton began his musical training at the age of 8, quickly developing an interest in Ragtime and performed at the Scott Joplin Int’l Festival at age 9. Exposure to traditional jazz led Dalton to the music of Charlie Parker. Education includes Berklee College of Music in Boston where he was given the opportunity to play on numerous recording sessions, concerts and gigs. Received an award that gave him responsibility of teaching undergraduate courses at the University of Rochester. Dalton resides in New York and plays at various clubs throughout the city.
Rossano Sportiello Rossano Sportiello, Piano Born in Vigevano, Italy, Rosanno began studying classical piano at age 9. By age 16 he was performing at jazz venues and toured with one of Europe’s historic jazz bands. He made his first trip to the US in 2003 amazing the audience at Mat Domber’s Clearwater Beach Jazz Party. Rossano received the prestigious Vittorio Ramella award bestowed upon native persons of Vigevano who have made a significant contribution to the world and distinguished themselves in their profession.