2017 Jazz Station Presentation Jazz. Mention the word and images start to swirl, emotions rise and memories flow. Music becomes life – and life is good. If great jazz is your thing, the place to be is the Colorado Springs Jazz Party. Join us for the 7th Annual Jazz Party. All donations are tax deductible, our 501(c)(3) is in the name of Colorado Springs Jazz Society 2016-Jazz-Party-Registration3_WEB Ask anyone that attended past Jazz Party’s and they will say this is the best of the best. If great jazz is your thing, the place to be in the Antler’s Hotel on the last weekend in September. 2016-Jazz-Party-1115_WEB Our Mission… The mission of the Friends of Colorado Springs Jazz is to promote, inform and grow Classic Jazz in Colorado. Our non-profit organization has 3 simple goals:
  • Organize the annual Colorado Springs Jazz Party each year
  • Promote classic jazz through mini-concerts and support musicians through our media outlets.
  • Provide local jazz students with an opportunity to learn from our All-Star musicians through our Master Class programs
Who We Are… Friends of Colorado Springs Jazz under the leadership of a Board of Directors brings jazz musicians to play in our concerts throughout the year. The exciting list of Jazz musicians is assembled by our Music Director, Adrian Cunningham. Jazz Party… A Jazz Party is organized as a 3 day—four session event. We bring together the best classic jazz musicians from all over the United State and some foreign countries. Musicians have the opportunity to jam and play in formalized groups. Each musician leads a set with their own playbook and style. The audience is privileged to hear original music in a style or combination of artists.