The Friends of Colorado Springs Jazz wish to thank all of our benefactors for their help in supporting this truly American Art Form. Donations are tax deductible. Our 501(c)(3) is in the name of Colorado Springs Jazz Society. If you would like to discuss becoming a benefactor to the Friends of Colorado Springs Jazz, please contact Jean Feist at 719-471-3124 or email

Musicians Sponsorship

Dr. Karen D. Anthony
Drs. Alan and Carol Bach
Maureen and David Frediani
Morris Gray and Betty Uhrman
Jazz 93.5/KCME
Kathy Loo and Jim Raughton
Karen Maddock
Jill and Larry Madsen
Dan and Jan Ostrom
Wayne and Betz Smisek
The Lawrence Dryhurst Gallery
Marvin Strait
Darryl and Terry Thatcher
Michael Wilson

Master Class Sponsors

Charles and Pam Burns
Barbara Dorsey
Tom Fowler
Marge Kakara
1st Bank of Colorado

Student Scholarship Sponsors

Dr. Karen D. Anthony
Morris Gray
Michael Wilson

Corporate Sponsors

Jazz 93.5 FM/KCME
Allways Travel
The Antlers Hotel
Colorado Springs Pathology Associates
Copper/Peak Radar
HEX Sound
Piano Warehouse
Pikes Peak Jazz and Swing Society
Sovereignty Wines
The Syncopated Times
The Tiemens Foundation
The Warehouse Restaurant & Gallery
Wells Fargo Advisory Group

Special Thanks to

The Antler’s Hotel Staff
Denver Jazz Club
Denver Percussion
Anthony and Berit Dobrski
Evergreen Jazz
Tom Fowler
Evan and Hildigh Hooten
The Lawrence Dryhurst Gallery
Jeanne Long
Bobby McGuffin
Dina Snow
Helayne and Thomas Tabrah


Dick Alderson and LuAnn Baker
Herb and Judy Allen
Carol Armstrong
Howard and Marie Blaney
Donald Boone
Charles and Pamela Burns
Ed Danielson
Laura Davis
Pamela Davis
Thomnas Deats
Anthony and Berit Dobrski
Alex Donatich
Barbara Dorsey
Doreen Fiorillo
Don and Donna Fry
Howard and Laura Garfin
Martin and Karen Goodman
Morris Gray and Betty Uhrman
Wallace Hall
Bob and Nancy Hollins
Kathryne Hughes
Kay Jackson
Joyce and Victot Johnson
Marcia Jory
John and Grace Koechel
Bob and Jean Lohse
Jeanne Long
Kathyy Loo and Jim Raughton
Karen Maddock
Larry and Jill Madsen
Jeannie Mann
Larry and Sally Martin
Roger and Darlene Meyer
Jerry and Kathy Murphy
Dan and Jan Ostrom
Don and Echo Owen
Judy Peck
Larry Percy
Ann Petrocelli
Peggy Porter
Anne Quinn
Janice and Tom Redfrield
Dan Reid
Carol Roff
Judy Rogers
Glenn and Kay Scott
Paulette Siegal
Peggy Shivers
Susan Silva
Ken and Julie Spooner
Marv Strait
Albert and Mary Temme
Darryl and Tery Thatcher
Joyce turner
Jacqueline Walker
Thomas Webb
Russ and Mary Wells
Zelma Wilcox
Michael Wilson

“When they study our civilization two thousand years from now, there will only be three things that Americans will be known for:

The Constitution, Baseball, and Jazz Music.

They are the three most beautiful things Americans have ever created.”

By essayist Gerald Early as told to Ken Burns